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No "Healthy Campus" without Health Insurance for Graduate Student Workers

Wanna connect with us?

We will hold an open meeting 6:30PM Wednesday evening 2/21. Everybody is welcome to attend to learn more or become invovled! Zoom meeting link.

Wanna help support us?

Sign this collective statement using this web form, and share this AAUP chapter statement with your co-workers to help spread the word about UCW-WI!

Protest in front of Zilber Hall on Wisconsin Avenue.


Marquette University

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Who we are

We are a local, wall-to-wall union of undergraduate and graduate student workers, adjunct and non-tenure-track faculty, and university staff who are organizing for fair wages, contracts, and benefits on campus. We welcome all of our co-workers who aren't covered by SEIU Local 1.

Wanna join us?

Join fellow student workers, faculty, and staff who are working together to building a strong, local, democratic union to organize for fairness, justice, and collective bargaining at Marquette University!


Wanna learn more?

If you're a co-worker who is interested in learning more about who we are and what we're working together to build on campus, then we're looking forward to connecting with you!

Learn more about UCW-WI

Your rights

Workers on campus are covered by the National Labor Relations Act and afforded certain rights to join together to improve their wages and working conditions, with or without a union.

Learn more about worker rights

Catholic social teaching

Unions are “prophetic” institutions that “unmask the powerful who trample the rights of the most vulnerable workers,” Pope Francis said in a June speech to the Confederation of Trade Unions, Italy's equivalent of the AFL-CIO.

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